YOGIC ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY – A practical study of the kosas, prana, the nadis and the mind

Dr N Chandrasekaran MBBS (Dr NC)

  • 9 day / 9 night Residential Training with Dr N. Chandrasekaran MBBS and Leanne Davis
  • Friday 27 November 2015 – Sunday 6 December 2015 at Koinonia by the Sea,  Evans Head, North Coast NSW
  • This training may be taken as a stand alone course and is a foundational module for the  Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT).  You may commence the PGDYT with this course.  
  • PRE-REQUISITE READING: If you are intending to join this course and have not yet completed Module one or the Foundations course please read or review The Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar, before the course commences.

Yoga deals with the mind. That’s why it is called Mano-sastra. The mind is inextricably bound with the physical, physiological and deeper constituents of the human system. A complete understanding as well as practical and experiential knowledge is essential to tread the path of yoga and yoga therapy. For every yoga practitioner, teacher and aspiring therapist, the content of this module is very important. Yoga is practiced and applied on human individuals. Therefore, complete understanding of the human individual is the basic pre-requisite.

Yogic anatomy

In this module, the yogic anatomy is dealt with extensively, taking concepts from various Upanishads and many yogic texts.  Participants will be introduced to:

  •  what they are in reality and
  •  what their real essence is

In particular, we will study the therapeutic implications of the study of this human constitution.

Yogic physiology

Yoga and yoga therapy owe their great potentials to prana.  Therefore, it is possible to reap the maximum benefits out of the practice of yoga and yoga therapy only through complete and comprehensive utilization of the prana system.

The basic requirement for this is an understanding of the prana system in the human constitution.

  •  Prana
  •  its important divisions
  •  its passages called Nadis
  •  how the nadis are interlinked to the chakras
  •  its normal physiological importance
  •  the manifestation of any imbalance in its activity and
  •  the diagnostic methodology of assessing the imbalance
  •  Nadi pariksa – study of the pulse

This study itself is completely scientific and verifiable.  Various Upanishads and major yogic texts are replete with all the practical information.

In this module, we give special importance to the therapeutic applications of prana system.

Yogic psychology

Yoga refers to a state of mind.  The mind is the most powerful instrument in the human system.  This module gives an extensive practical methodology of assessing the mind and how to use these assessments in therapy.

The psychology, the study of the mind, as presented by the yoga system, is both complete and comprehensive.

  • The constituents of the mind
  • Functions of each constituent
  • Different states of mind
  • Changes that are happening in the mind
  • Cause for these changes
  • Effect of changes on the mind and on the body
  • Manifestation of these effects on the mind and body
  • The methodology of diagnosis of these psychological changes

The afternoon sessions will include Vyuham in yoga therapy, therapeutic methodology.  Yoga sutra gives a very clear methodology in therapy.  This procedure includes:

  •  Heyam – Study of the individual and study of the problem
  •  Hetu – Study of the cause for the problem
  •  Hanam – Setting the goal for the individual
  •  Upayam – Tool to be used to achieve the goal
The previous four can be achieved using four therapeutic methods namely:

  • Darsanam – Observation
  • Sparsanam – Palpation
  • Prasnam – Interaction
  • Nadi pariksa – Study of the pulse

In the afternoon, the first and third hour will be on studying the methodology of examination in a workshop manner.  The second and the fourth hour will be discussions based on examinations done in the previous hour.

Are you interested in our Post Graduate in Yoga Therapy (YTA) training? 

This session forms Module Two of the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (YTA) training (‘PGDYT’).  The PGDYT is a highly comprehensive and practical training that readily satisfies international standards, and is accredited by the AAYT.  If you wish to undertake the PGDYT,  and are prepared to undertake further training before the pathology modules commence in May 2o16, you may qualify to join the current intake batch. As the PGDYT is only offered biannually, this may well appeal.  Please contact Madeleine on 0416 17 27 17 to discuss your situation.


The module will be taught by Dr N Chandrasekaran (Dr NC), who is the PGDYT course director. We are extremely privileged to have Dr Chandrasekaran continue to offer these courses in Australia.  We will also be joined by Christiane Steinward, Yoga Therapist (YTA) and Phsyiotherapist from Perth WA.  Christiane will take morning asana sesssions, relaxation class and assist Dr NC.


Camp Koinonia is located at 29-41 Terrace St Evans Head NSW. It is situated on the absolute fringe of the Evan’s Head township, adjacent to the Broadwater National Park and directly across the road from Airforce Beach. Evans Head is a quiet village with a river running through it, great swimming beaches and Bundjalung National Park on the far side.

The facility has an interesting history with heritage cabins salvaged from Department of Defence after the second world war! Accommodation and facilities are basic, but clean and comfortable. We have secured exclusive use of the facility.

Accommodation options include camping, dormitory, twin share rooms, and single rooms. Linen is provided for all accommodation options excepting campers.


Evans Head is located about 35 kilometres south of Ballina, near Woodburn on the NSW North Coast. The nearest airport is Ballina, NSW. Transfers from the airport to the venue will be available. If you require a transfer please let us know at the time you register. Book your flights to arrive at Ballina airport between 3 and no later than 4.30PM on 12 June 2015, or to arrive Coolangatta/Gold Coast no later than 2.00PM (Qld Time).  You may book your return flight to depart from Ballina airport any time after 3PM on 21 June 2015, and from Coolangatta after 4PM (Qld Time).  Please let us know your flight details as soon as they are booked. Please ensure you  send us your flight details as soon as they are known.


Food is a priority for life, good health and good moods! We are very grateful to continue our relationship Stephen and Astrid of the Ayurvedic Kitchen who lovingly and mindfully prepare delicious organic vegetarian food for participants to enjoy. Stephen and Astrid have been an integral part of many of our retreats and without fail receive exceptional feedback

Check-in and Course Registration

Registration for the course will be open from 3.30pm – 5.pm Friday 27 November 2015

Dinner will be provided and the program will commence with an evening talk.

The course will conclude with lunch on Sunday 6 December 2015.

Accommodation Options and Pricing

The cost for all tuition, all meals (organic vegetarian), and nine nights accommodation depends on your choice of accommodation, and whether you take up the early bird discount.  Prices include GST.

Early Bird Discount payable by 25 September 2015
Full Price after 25 September 2015
Camping per person (BYO Tent)
Non-Ensuite Dorm Cabin up to 4 persons per room (BYO LINEN)
Twin Share Room in either Ex-Olympic Ensuited Dorm or a Family Cabin Ensuite facilities are shared between two rooms
Single Room in either Ex-Olympic Ensuited Dorm or Family Cabin Ensuite facilities are shared between two rooms
Transfers Ballina – Koinonia, Evans Head;
$30 each way
Transfers Coolangatta Gold Coast- Koinonia, Evans Head;
$60 each way

PLEASE NOTE: Single and twin Shares may be in allocated a single or bunk bed. There are a small number of double beds available for couples by request. Your choice of accommodation cannot be guaranteed as some options are very limited. While every effort will be made to satisfy your preferences allocation will be made in order of receipt of applications accompanied by deposit or full payment. No accommodation will be allocated or places in the course reserved until a minimum deposit of $350 or full payment is received.

EARLY BIRD: FULL PAYMENT must be received by 25 September 2015.  You may secure your place before that time by paying a deposit of $350.  The deposit will be deducted from the total cost. Accommodation allocations and placements can only be made upon receipt of funds, and are subject to availability. FULL PRICE: Registrations made before 25 October 2015 may be accompanied by deposit, with full payment payable by 25 October 2015. Registrations received after 25 October 2015 must be accompanied by payment in full.  DEPOSITS will be fully refunded if you are not accepted into the course or the course is full, unless you wish to be placed on a wait-list in which case the deposit will be held pending availability. Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable, but fully transferable to another person to attend the same workshop in his or her place, but only if that person can satisfy any relevant pre-requisites.


To secure your place, click on the “Register Now” button below.  Please note that the deposit ($350 non refundable, but fully transferable) is required at the time of registration. If you wish to avail yourself of the early bird price you MUST PAY THE FULL AMOUNT BY THE EARLY BIRD DATE.

If you are not yet ready to register, you may wish to register your interest so we know you are out there and can keep you up to date.

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Deposits and Balances may be paid by Paypal or EFT. Please use your name or mobile phone number as a reference. Paypal payments incur a service fee of about 2.6%, for which you will be liable. If you access paypal other than via our registration page, please ensure that the fee is added and transferred to YTA. EFT payments do not generally incur such charges. EFT payments may be made to:

St George Bank
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Please ensure you use your name as a reference and notify us of your payment.


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