YOGA THERAPY uses the tools of yoga to achieve specific outcomes according to the needs of the individual. It is fast becoming an accepted health modality in Australia, offering all people, including those experiencing a wide range of ailments or disabilities, guidance and personal tools that they can use to enhance their life.

YOGA THERAPY AUSTRALIA facilitates workshops, seminars and trainings related to yoga, yoga therapy ,and yoga and ayurveda . Our programs are open to all people interested in these areas.  YTA faculty is world class and includes Ms Saraswathi Vasudevan, Dr NC (Chandrasekaran) MBBS,  Dr Leanne Davis, President of Yoga Australia, Dr Abilash Anand, Dr Shaun Mathews and Madeleine Marty  MSc. Ayruveda, Senior yoga teacher and therapist, and founder of YTA.   Join our NEWSLETTER to keep informed about upcoming events.

Yoga Therapy Australia offers access to a network of highly competent professional yoga therapists. Visit our Find a Teacher page to find a yoga therapist near you.