Finally, I jumped into the Foundations course after years of trying to make it possible.

What I knew was going to be incredible was the first course to leave me speechless (it’s a feat….)

I went to learn, and wow, learn we did, but it happened not only on a mind-information or even a practical level.

It peeled me open with compassion and deep wisdom and gently guided the awareness in the direction of Home.  This is the only place I’ve ever wanted to teach Yoga from, and my heart is crying happy tears in having found a teacher who is sharing the full story of Yoga.

I don’t know what’s unfolding from here, but I feel grateful, and open to life, in total trust.

The level of support, care and real sangha offered and nurtured in this space was unexpected and deeply nurturing.  The combination of the teachings (in all their varied forms – the fleeting the most powerful), with cell-nourishing heart-warming food, enough space in the timetable for earth play, connection with each other, personal practice and rest, brought me home a very different person. I looked up at the mirror and saw a pair of deeply nourished bright eyes. Even my skin was new.

Thank you for really teaching me to breathe, and showing me how possible it is to truly help every person who comes just by making space for open, careful observation and understanding. I am so excited for the next three years. Thank you.  - Ally Goodwin, Foundation Participant Oct 2017

Saraswathi and the teachings left me speechless
Peeled me open
Humbling – I have to rethink my last 30 years of teaching
Teaching from the source
Compassion ..  deep wisdom
Nourishing on all levels
I have been looking for this for so long
Finally… the full story of yoga


Astoundingly, rich deep and inspiring
A wealth of information …. inspirational and humbling
The best course I have ever done
Excellent integration of theory and practice
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!


I feel so blessed to have access to these teachings and the more involved I become, the more of an impact it is having on my group teaching and into my life.

I have set up a consult space from home, and had my first real therapy student the other day, a HUGE step in the right direction, for me who was so nervous and afraid to get up in front of a group of people with out my heart leaping out of my chest only a few years back.
Thank you for bringing this to the world and for being so dedicated to making this available.
- Jasmine Matus Yoga (YTA) Yoga Therapist in Training (final year) March 2017

Life enhancing and grounding. it has changed me from the inside out and brought out the best in me. - Chantal T. PGDYT Therapist in training (YTA)
If I have been able to have any insight in yoga therapy, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of a giant in the field – Doctor NC. He is not just a medical doctor, a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist of 20 years standing, he is also a gifted teacher and communicator, indeed an acharya.
- Robert Miller Yoga Therapist (YTA) and School Guidance Counsellor
This course has given me some amazing tools for everyday ailments, post surgery treatment, preventative treatments for every system of the human form and so much more. The knowledge from Dr N Chandrasekaran has been invaluable, highly professional, and is an easy accessable Teacher. I have been totally blessed to have him as my Teacher. This three year course is definitely a life changing experience for both myself, my clients and my future clients. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the human body and yoga!
- Julie-ann Coombs, Massage Therapist and Yoga Therapist in training.
Almost completed this fabulous course which has been extremely comprehensive and captivating from day 1. It has helped me grow personally and completely changing my practice as a Physiotherapist to a very holistic model. Bringing his vast experience and unwavering passion as a Yoga Therapist, treating a wide range of conditions, Medical Doctor N. Chandrasekaran (Dr NC) has left me truly inspired.
- Sonja Varendorff, Yoga Therapist (YTA) & Physiotherapist, June 2015
If you’re not sure about committing to this 9 day course then let me help you decide. I completed this 18months ago as part of the first group with Yoga Therapy Australia and I can tell you from first hand experience that this is the most comprehensive study of yoga with the perfect balance of theory and case study practical. Dr. Natesan Chandrasekaran is a teacher with knowledge and experience beyond any other on the topic of Yoga for the Individual. He recognises both the Western Medical model and applies the Eastern principles of traditional Yoga. You will learn this for yourself and you learn to teach it to others either as a profession or at any level that you wish. It is worth it. I am grateful that we have this opportunity here in Australia.
- Therese Lew. Yoga Therapist (YTA) and Naturopath
Just came off the Module 2 retreat – absolutely fantastic. If you’re interested in yoga as therapy I strongly recommend this diploma …
- Tamara James, Yoga Therapist (YTA) Physiotherapist, Founder of YogaPhysio
Unlike anything you have studied before in Yoga, uniting western medicine and eastern philosophies it compliments therapy on all levels. This course is a must for anyone interested in a safe and effective therapy which is accessible to everyone.
- Cindy Brooks, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in training (YTA)
What differentiates this Yoga Therapy Course from other teachings I have experienced, is that it redefines what is unique and special (indeed magical) about yoga. Whilst many other schools of thought in yoga over the past 20 years or so have been moving more and more towards a method of practice and teaching which is very physically based, this course harks back to a more classical basis of knowledge. Those who have had a very ‘alignment’ based practice, and whose understanding has its foundations in almost a physiotherapy style model of yoga may find these teachings confronting at first, as I did. However, what I have come to understand is that this method does not have as its primary focus the stretching and strengthening of the muscles; it instead uses more subtle and natural movements, which ultimately work at the level of prana.

The results of any practice must be the final yard-stick by which it is judged; and since committing to this style of practice, I have to say that I have experienced profound improvements in my level of energy, a lessening of severity of my various symptoms of disease and injury, and a clearer state of mind. Others students on the course have reported dramatic improvements in their health, far beyond what has been experienced with other modalities of healing. The depth of understanding, and the genuineness and integrity of the teachers is beyond question.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in developing a deeper understanding of the ancient art and science of yoga, and who values the integrity of the classical knowledge that has been passed down to us throughout the centuries.
- Flo Fenton, Yoga Therapist (YTA) Founder Intouch Yoga


I feel honoured to be in the presence of someone such as DR NC who has so much depth of understanding and wisdom to share.  His mixture of fun and humour and seriouness of the teachings made it a pleasure to learn.
- Jane Bevan
One module in and I feel like I have already been filled with such practical knowledge! This course is so comprehensive yet simple ..   I feel so grateful and fortunate to be learning at this level with such qualified and experienced teachers.  I already feel the effects becoming part of my life and know that I will be able to help many experience the benefits of yoga through yoga therapy.  Thank you so so very much.
- Jasmine Matus
Less thinking, more action! I have been aware of this course for some time and procrastinated making serious enquiries for ages. Now that I have competed Module One I am amazed at how much valuable time I lost! The course is so well planned and catered and supported it’s hard to imagine how to improve it.

Dr NC is the world leader in yoga therapy so having access to him throughout the course and being able to learn from him directly is a rare honour.  His capacity to communicate and engage people from many different yoga modalities is exceptional.

The group I studied with came from all over the country and each had a unique journey into yoga so the conversations were rich with shared experiences and a genuine desire to learn more.

If you’ve even had a passing thought about this course or your next leaning,  please don’t waste time – Take some action. You will be delighted I am sure!  Thank you Yoga Therapy Australia!
- Georgina Green


Practice is going really well! Such a simple process with such profound results!
- John Blundstone
Can it really be after just two weeks of practising that I feel so different?  As a long term sufferer of chronic fatigue my life has finally turned around … Thank you.
- Ann H
Thank you for today, Anna, as I was doing the asanas I felt open and uplifted and joyful!
- New student of YTA Grad, Anna Nolan:
My health problem is atrial fibrillation, for which the conventional medical system only offers drugs and then surgery – even though they say I’m not a good candidate for surgery, it’s all they have, so they promote it. The fibrillation was very debilitating earlier last year and interfered with work, social events and life in general. I love my practice and do it almost every day. The more I sink into it, the more pleasurable and the more comfort I feel in my own body. My breathing has improved enormously. I can walk up hills and steps and even get out of breath without going into fibrillation. I’m also not so tired. … thanks for suggesting the breathing imagery of being a wave, rising and falling with the swell. I’m still using that …
- Louise G. February 2014
In September 2009 I was diagnosed as having hyperthyroid Graves disease. In allopathic medicine the condition is classified as incurable with treatment options of surgical removal of part of the thyroid, long term medication and/or radioactive iodine treatment. After I commenced practicing a yoga therapy practice prescribed for me by Dr NC in May 2011 I experienced a rapid improvement in my condition. My condition had been slowly improving under the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor and from the modifications I made to my yoga practice, but the practice devised by Dr NC accelerated the healing to the point that I now have normal thyroid function and am free of Graves disease.
- Anna Nolan, Nov 2011
I am 73 years of age, extremely active and almost religious in my practice of the yoga therapy program that Dr NC gave me in November 2011. Although I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, I still can’t believe how well this program is working! The major improvements I have noticed are in my overall flexibility, a significant strengthening of my midsection and legs, improved digestion, increased stamina and marvelous mental well-being, All this in a matter of four months!
- Roger Marriott, Feb 2012
I’ve been practising specifically prescribed (by Dr NC) yoga exercises for my chronic auto-immune condition [ankylosing spondylitis] for nearly 2 years now. The enormous benefits show in a greatly improved quality of life. Yoga therapy has really turned my life around!
- Renate T.
I have noticed a lot of difference with doing my personal practice from Dr NC – I have a lot more energy, I am sleeping better, my back is stronger but not so tight, there is less pain with the arthritis in my body and my breathing is definitely much improved!
- Maia M.
I just love my practice and don’t know what I would do without it.  I no longer have any problems with my back and I just feel much stronger. Now that I am approaching menopause I also find that it makes me both more tolerant, as well as more tolerable!
- Alice M.
Feedback!!!! Simple yet profound!! I haven’t missed a day and am loving my practice so much!! I have even maintained it at 11.30pm after a evening out. The most amazing thing was that within a week people were asking what I had done differently. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for removing the obstacles to my practice of yoga and setting profound change in process.
I am thrilled to be part of YTA and your future endeavors. A big namaste to Saras and Dr NC. I can’t express my gratitude enough with words; only through maintaining my practice and allowing the results to demonstrate the profound change that can be achieved when following an individual practice tailored to ones needs. Of course from an established practitioner and professional therapist.
- Stephen Galpin, Ayurvedic Chef