Workshops & Training Modules

ZOOM WEEKEND SEMINAR 2020 – Coming to our Senses with Saraswathi Vasudevan

Our senses are our windows to the world and play a very powerful role in shaping all our life experiences. Cultivating the power of pratyahara to recondition the sense organs to follow the mind inward rather than pulling the mind outward can perhaps be an important step towards better health, wellbeing, mental and emotional stability.

How to practice pratyahara and progress with it?  This workshop will explore some important ideas and practices from Yoga Sutra and other texts that can be applied in daily life.

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Charting the Path to Inner Freedom II.  Meditative Practices from the Yoga Sutra with Saraswathi Vasudevan

While there are numerous methods and techniques of meditation that are being taught and practiced today, some of the powerful models given in the Yoga Sutra still remain to be explored.
Can we use these practices to understand our-self better? Can we apply them for healing? How can we progress with them?
Join us each Friday of January 2021, for 2 hours and let us explore deepening our sadhana (practice or study)) of reconditioning the mind.

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