Workshops & Training Modules

AYURVEDA IN YOGA for Practitioners, Teachers and Therapists, India 20 – 30 September 2017

Immerse, experience and learn about Ayurveda in a Vedic Village in South India with Saraswathi Vasudevan, Dr Abilash Anand, and Madeleine Marty. A unique course offering the fundamentals of Ayurveda, insights from Vedic times and an investigation of the complementarity of the sister sciences, yoga and ayurveda.

This special program is for all yoga practitioners, teachers and therapists.

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Foundations of Viniyoga Residential 27 October – 5 November 2017

The Foundations of Viniyoga is a training that draws together and reviews all the elemental aspects of yoga and yoga-asana from a therapeutic perspective. It delves into the source, the Vedas, as well as your own experience, for its content and is taught by internationally sought after teacher and therapist Saraswathi Vasudevan.

Many courses now offer guidelines for the therapeutic application of yoga for specific conditions, but without the foundational knowledge such application can only be prescriptive. It is essential to be able to observe and assess each person, and to understand the fundamental elements of asana, modifications, course planning and the philosophy behind them in order to apply yoga in the most efficient and beneficial way for the individual concerned.

The Foundations of Viniyoga, is the springboard from which you can dive deeply into the tools of yoga and their therapeutic application.

Suitable for practitioners and teachers and for all interested in the essence of yoga, working from a deeper level personalising yoga according to individual needs.

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Yoga Yajnavalka with Dr NC, 25 – 26 November 2017 Sydney

(and PGDYT Refresher Day 24 Nov 2017)

Join YTA and Dr NC MBBS for two deeply inspirational days of discussion, insights, and practical techniques as we explore the ancient text and offerings of Yoga Vajnavalka.

This ancient text is in the form of a dialogue between the Sage Vajnvalka and his wife, during which the Sage teaches her the deeper aspects of Yoga.

Presented by Master of yoga therapy, renowned international teacher, and advisor to the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT), Dr N Chandrasekaran (Dr NC).

All welcome. CPD Credits Apply.

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In order to practice as a yoga therapist in a manner that exemplifies the intelligence and elegant simplicity of the original teachings, intensive practical training is necessary. There is a need for the development of skills in observation, assessment, course design and progression, yogic anatomy, physiology, and psychology, as well western pathology and the therapeutic

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Free consultation with DR NC MBBS at Evans Head, 29 Nov 2017 – 7 Dec 2017

IN our final module for our third batch of our PGDYT Therapists training we cover diverse conditions relating to:

•Psychological and Emotional conditions,
• Cancer,
•Auto-immune conditions,
•Addictions and Eating disorders,
•Aged care and conditions associated therewith.

Once again we have an opportunity for 14 people, who experience these or similar conditions, to receive a free personalised program from Dr NC MBBS, Master Yoga Therapist, by acting as case studies during that session.

The module will be held from 28 Nov 2017 to 7 Dec 2017 at Camp Koinonia at Evans Head NSW. Places are open at present.

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